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Charlie's Sermons

On behalf of our entire church family and myself I extend a warm and sincere welcome to our Web Site.  Harmony Heights is a church that loves people and wants to be of service to our community.  The first word of our name “Harmony” amplifies what we believe the Bible says that Christians should be like.
We proclaim Jesus Christ as God’s Son and our Savior.  Our ministries are all designed to lead people to Christ and help them grow in His grace.  We believe the Bible is the inspired Word of God, infallible and without error and regard it as the “lamp unto our feet and a light unto our path”.
We teach the Bible as all truth, and encourage the spreading of the Gospel through song.  Music is a very big part of our worship and life.  We believe it can challenge us to be more fruitful and worship God in a more personal way.
While our church is family-oriented, we remain Christ centered.  Our doctrine comes from the Bible and we use the 2000 Baptist Faith and Message to be our guide in that.  We are a member of the Missouri Baptist Convention and the Southern Baptist Convention.

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